Oceanz Wood Wool Panels


Wood Wool Panels are one of the most versatile thermo-acoustical building materials for modern constructions. Acoustic wood wool panels made with superfine wood fibres & gypsum, were patented with magnesite cement, edge profiles consist of Radius, Chamfer, Tongue-Groove & H-Spline groove,  having density 400kg/m3. They are used indoors as thermoacoustical ceilings, panellings, partitionings & floorings. Outdoors, they are used as permanent shuttering (left centering / shoring / formwork) for roofing and walling. They are also used for noise barrier systems.

Product Specifications

  • Sound absorption – NRC upto 0.90
  • Density 400Kg/m3.
  • eco-friendly
  • Fire Ratings – Non-combustibility At 750 oC
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Water Vapor Diffusion Resistant.
  • Binders – Magnesite
  • Thickness – 25, 38, 50
  • Dimensions – 600×1200/2400