Immersive Installation


In these installations, technology and art merge in such a way that it affects the audiences’ perception at different levels. They act upon the artwork and the piece responds to their actions. AV Graphics has stepped into the world of augmented reality by making immersive environments and exhibits. With our immersive installations, you could walk past an innocent screen and find yourself on fire, eat at a restaurant and you could be interacting with the tables, stand on a pedestal and the whole room is magically transformed!

Interactive Floor Projection


The Interactive Floor Projection is unusual, exciting, and modern. It not only reacts in real time, but in a unique way can create and send powerful messages by way of story-telling, advertising etc. One can create games and themes around this method of projection

270° Projection


Seamless Projection of image by using various display devices such as projectors, thin bazel, LCD panels, edge blending software and 4K content playback devices

180° Projection


180° ProjectionSeamless Projection of image by using various display devices such as projectors, thin bazel, LCD panels, edge blending software and 4K content playback devices

3D Projection Mapping


3-D Projection, instead of projecting on a flat screen (e.g. to display a PowerPoint), light is mapped onto any surface, turning common objects of any 3D shape into interactive displays. Making any building or façade unique and interesting. This latest technology is mostly used for story telling.

Holographic projection


Push boundaries and defy expectations with the use of holograms. This technology has the capability to bring anything to life using a 3-dimensional image of the holographed subject without the aid of any special glasses or intermediate objects

4D Attractions


4D attractions are used as entertainment presentation systems combining a 3D film with physical effects that occur in the theatre in synchronization with the film. Effects simulated in a 4D film may include rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration. Seats in 4D venues may vibrate or move a few inches during the presentations. Other common chair effects include air jets, water sprays, and leg and back ticklers. Hall effects may include smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles, and smell.

Audio Guides


An audio tour or audio guide provides a recorded spoken commentary, normally through a handheld device, to a visitor attraction such as a museum. They are also available for self-guided tours of outdoor locations, or as a part of an organized tour

Museum Displays


Modern museums, galleries, and experience centers are greeting guests with new video display technology used for digital storytelling in these spaces. Specifically designed for the challenges of public venue installations, our digital signage solutions deliver breath-taking imagery and interactivity that can attract, engage, inform, and inspire visitors like never before while creating lasting impressions for institutions and brands.