Sound Proofing Membrane


Polymer-based, asphalt-free, high density synthetic soundproofing membrane, that offers good acoustic insulation in different building elements. It has extremely high visco-elasticity as well as being extremely flexible even in cold temperatures. Another added advantage is that it does not contain any bitumen or PVC. It has a built-in self-adhesive layer enabling it to be applied straight onto most construction surfaces.

Product Specifications

  • – High acoustic insulation, combined with flexion-pliable elements.
  • – Flexible
  • – High elongation capacity.
  • – Easy to handle and adaptable to uneven surfaces.
  • – Hot and cold-resistant.
  • – Excellent adherence on all kinds of surfaces.
  • – Self-extinguishing.
  • – Excellent ageing-resistance.
  • – Rot-proof.
  • – Density – 1.9 g/cm2
Type kg/m2 Thickness (mm) Presentation
Oceanz  70 7 3.8 Rolls of 5 x 1.0 m
Oceanz 100 10 5.3 Sheets 1.35 x 1.0 m



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